Polaris RZR XP 900 Ultra-Light Overhead Spare Tire Mount Bolt-On - Lock & Lite

Precision Billet

This overhead spare tire mount fits the RZR 900 S with Factory Cage Extension and the RZR 4 900 S only.**

Don't be caught without a Spare Tire!!! Our new Polaris RZR 900 S Overhead Spare Tire Mount Bolt-on Lock & Lite edition mounts directly to your 2014 and newer Polaris factory cage with no need to drill any additional holes in your vehicle. Installation is a snap and can be easily removed when not needed. Our new design even allows you to maintain visibility out of your rear-view mirror and leave your bed open to carry a cooler! The holders are crafted from 1.75" 6061 Aircraft aluminum for an ultra-light weight, sturdy, long lasting mount. Weighing in at just under 7lbs, Pound for pound, our 6061 Aircraft Aluminum can absorb twice the crash energy of Mild Steel! Larger crush zones can be designed without corresponding weight penalties. Less weight also allows for a lower weight vehicle that has more usable horsepower, better acceleration, better braking and better handling. In addition, lighter vehicles can haul and tow more because the engine isn’t carrying unneeded weight. Available in standard Black Powder Coat*.

*Selecting color options other than black take up to 1 additional week to ship.* **The overhead spare tire mount is designed to hold a stock front size tire and wheel. While it does hold other size wheels and tires, fitment is not guaranteed or warrantied if tire is not stock size.** ***Precision Billet makes every effort to keep our product photos as accurate and up-to-date as possible. However, Precision Billet reserves the right to modify designs and update prices without notification to accommodate the development of a better product for our customers. The product you receive may appear slightly different from the pictured product.***

INSTALLATION TIP: Due to the variation in the factory cage quality - especially for the new 900's - you may need to untorque your cage mounts to install the carrier and then re-torque the cage mounts to factory specs.

Editions: UTV - Precision Built

Category: Tire Mount, UTV

Type: UTV

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