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I broke a part that came with my product, how do I get pricing on a replacement part?

We understand accidents happen, you can reach us through our contact us page to get replacement pricing.

What is the return policy?

Please check our warranty section for details.

How long does it take to get my cage built?

Average time is 1-2 weeks however, due to time of the year (seasonal), customizations and special order colors this can affect the delivey date.

Do all items require down payments?

No, only major purchase items (such as long travel, cages, bimini tops, etc.), items custom to your vehicle or custom color choice.

Do you take trade-ins?

Unfortunately we do not accept trade-ins.

Does the price include installation?

Usually not unless quoted.

What are the racks made of?

All aluminum.

Are the racks going to scratch my board?

No. We put a rubber lining inside the forks to protect your boards.

What size mount do I need?

We make our racks in all the major mount sizes.

Will the mount damage my fiberglass?

No. We provide a rubber pad that goes between the mount and your boat to help cushion the load.

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